Полвека жизни. Письмо друзьям.

20120903-9 Dear Friends,
I was born some 50 Years ago in Moscow on December 8th, 1958. A half of a century! And such an accomplishment — 20 of my books on fashion were published in Moscow, one in New York. About 120 performances were designed by me in almost 30 countries all over the Globe. And the private collection of the period costumes consists of some 10 000 pieces and turned the world. Parts of it were on display recently in Paris Palais de Tokyo museum, and the next major exhibition on Diaghileff and fashion of its Era will take place at Tama Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

The designing activities are still very much on. I’m back to Ankara State Turkish ballet after a 5 years break and celebrating my 20 years with them- staring with Valery Panov’s «Idiot» in 1988 and now preparing a revival of Andre Prokovsky’s ballet «Anna Karenina». Along with this — the costumes fro Les Noces de Figaro and the Snow Storm at the Moscow Art Theater, my Alma Mater. I did studied stage design in its Studio from 1976 to 1981, then moving to Paris in 1982. the forthcoming productions includes a Bournonville forgotten ballet «From Siberia to Moscow» at the State Georgian Ballet for Nina Ananiashvilli, staged by Frank Andersen, former director of the Royal Danish ballet in October 2009 and a revival of La Dame de Pique in Ankara.

The last book that came out in November 2008 was a lavish illustrated alboom" Russian Interriors in the period photography", Slovo, Moscow, and we are preparing now «The Russian Hollywood» on the actors, directors, designers and films related to Russia.

And I’m still «russian around» between Paris, Vilnius and Moscow, the places, where I made my 3 homes. The celebrations on my anniversary will take place on December 16th, at the Moscow Actors Guild on Arbat at 20 00, whish you were there!

My best regards
Alexandre Vassiliev
from Ankara, december 2008

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